Ready to set sail on the cruise that you have fantasized about for a while? 

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Have you decided just where in the world you would like to visit?

You have a variety of terrific choices to customize your cruise to perfection. The Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, and the Mediterranean are some of the most popular cruise locations.

Which type of cruise is best for you? Do you want a lively, active atmosphere or a more laid back cruising experience?

Choose from any number of options including your a fun-filled but relaxing cruise, to a luxury cruise or even a theme cruise.  Smaller ships are more intimate and can visit ports that the larger ships often have to bypass due to their size. Cruise vacations are great way to add a new twist to your next family or class reunion, girlfriend getaway, sports team adventure, conference, or retreat.

How much time is enough for your cruise getaway?

Seven day cruises are a great option and allow you plenty of time to visit multiple ports as well as indulge in the many activity and entertainment offerings aboard the ship. Depending on your needs, cruises can be as short as three days or even last ninety days or more.  It’s your choice!

What’s included in my cruise package?

For one low price, you receive your cruise transportation, all port charges, and taxes. In addition, all meals aboard the ship (with the exception of specialty restaurants and shops), many nonalcoholic beverages, Broadway style shows, live comedy, discos for dancing the night away and numerous other super ship features.

What should I pack for my cruise?

Depending on where you will be traveling and the time of year, your clothing needs will differ.  For the sunny Caribbean, cool, comfortable, casual attire will make up the majority of your suitcase contents.  A nice cocktail dress or button down shirt with slacks and jacket would be a great option of evening formal dinners or the Captain’s party.  If Alaska is your chose location, an overcoat and warm accessories would definitely be welcome for any time of the year that you may visit. It is slightly warmer in Alaska during the months of May to July, but be sure to take warm clothes to stay nice and toasty while on deck or off on shore excursion.


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