Cruise vs. Land vacation

Trying to decide between a vacation at sea on a cruise or a land based all-inclusive resort?

Take a look at the table below for some ideas that may help you choose between the two options.

CruiseAll-inclusive Land Vacation
​Visit multiple ports, often spending up to eight hours each day on landSpend your vacation getting to know one island for the entire vacation
Choose one or two activities to enjoy on each islandUnlimited time to explore and enjoy the entire island
Meals, Snacks, Tea, Lemonade, Coffee includedAll meals, snacks, drinks (even alcohol) included
Gratuities AdditionalGratuities Included
Cabins can be compactSpacious accommodations
Well scheduled timesMove at your own pace


If you like to see a little bit of a place, get a sample of the locale, and move on, then a cruise will be a perfect fit for you.  If taking your time and covering as much of a place as possible is important to you, then an all-inclusive resort vacation is definitely the way to go.

Either option will give you a great vacation that will bring you unforgettable memories for years to come!

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